Offshore banking account in Nassau

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An offshore bank account is a bank account in a country where taxation is nil or negligible. The purpose of opening an offshore account is usually to avoid paying taxes. To achieve this goal, it is advisable to use the full real name, because otherwise the government of your country would know the existence of the account and charge you taxes.

Most of the countries where you can create an offshore account are in the Caribbean, but also be in Austria, Switzerland and some other countries (countries that are known by the name of tax havens).

There are companies that are dedicated to helping other companies to open an offshore Bank account or even if you want to open a Bank account in Bahamas. Simply choose the bank where you want to open the bank account and the service provider will handle everything else. It is also possible to travel to Nassau, or any of the other countries to open the account personally. Once it is created, you can manage easily through internet or phone.

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