Things to do in CocoCay

February 17, 2010 by  
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If you are looking for things to do in CocoCay then you can check our Attractions page. “CocoCay” is a small island but it has lot of attractions that you can enjoy with your kids, love or family. For example, check out the Diva. You don’t need to buy anything or take excursions if you don’t want, but you can take a great interest in what to do in this island if you plan to visit us again in the future.

You can check the prices ahead of time on all the excursions at Coco Cay. Things you can do in Cococay includes: water slide, floating water park, raft, kayak, The “Floating Beach Mat”, etc.

Depending on what youâ??re into the two things seemingly would be a lot of fun are Parasailing and the Wave Runner excursion or deciding what you can do at Cococay. Floating Water Park is another attraction you will enjoy. You will enjoy the Wave Runner excursion.

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