TripAdvisor recommendations for Bahamas

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TripAdvisor is a website where users write their opinions about travel. Thus, you can find reviews for places distributed throughout the world and plan your perfect trip, as the opinions of others will always be more reliablethan advertisements of travel agencies.

TripAdvisor recommendations for BahamasIf you are thinking of it is better be clear what you want before booking your trip.

We recommend you to opt for an all inclusive package to travel to the Bahamas. Thus, you will not have to worry about the price of meals, drinks and activities, as everything you’ve paid in advance. This is a great resource on the Internet if you want to get travel recommendations including Hotel reviews and destinations.

Scuba diving in Nassau, Bahamas

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Of the more than 700 islands that form the archipelago of the Bahamas, where one of the best diving is New Providence Island, the island where Nassau is.

On the other side of New Providence, far from the crush of tourists who are in Nassau, we find deserted beaches where only divers go  becausethese waters are one of the best places to practice this sport of the world.

Nassau’s waters are a mixture between the Atlantic Ocean adventure and tranquility of the Caribbean. Here you can find from small goldfish to large sharks. There are also numerous caves for most explorers and most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

New Providence scuba diving

Finally, some diving courses offer the opportunity to visit the ancient shipwrecks. Bahamas is definitely a good destination for scuba diving fans. This is a great destination for scuba diving fans to enjoy Bahamas scuba activities. You can learn more about Scuba diving requirements in Bahamas by visiting the official Bahamas webpage.

Cruises to Cococay Bahamas

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Are you planning a cruise tour to Cococay, Bahamas? We’d recommend you the following cruise tours.

  • Carnival
  • Royal Caribbean International RCI

Go to best deals in cruises to of shows and food but also parties and sports, spa, relax, etc.

A cruise to Cococay gives you the chance to come down to the island of Cococay, a private island property of RCI where you can find some attractions and spend a full day under the sun doing scuba diving or enjoying the sand of the beaches. Also you can buy some souvenirs of Cococay in the local market to bring to your family and friends.

Honeymoon at CocoCay, Bahamas

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CocoCay is a little island in Bahamas that do not have hotel infrastructure (yet) but you can spend a full day visit to the island on one of the cruises that park in CocoCay port. If you are planning a Honeymoon at Bahamas, these islands are a great destination for enjoying beaches, food, fun and services.

As explained here, the declaration of love, the gathering of friends and family, Bahamas becomes a celebration instead of just an special occasion. Or the tips and tricks explained in this blog will help you to take the right decision. If you can enjoy Lois’ Hands pictures, you can open this page in your browser.

Trip to Bahamas

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Fun at Cococay

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Coco Cay Fun Time

In CocoCay you can have fun! It is special to spend time with your family and friends and enjoy the island attractions.