Playing Poker in Atlantis City, Nassau

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In recent years, poker has spread rapidly and today there are many tourists who like to play some games when they travel.

If you are looking for places to play poker in Nassau you are lucky, because in this city you will find many casinos where you can find players. However, although most varieties you can play poker and Pai Gow Poker, only in some rooms you can play most popular varieties like Texas Hold’em.

Most all inclusive resorts have a small casino without having to search through the city. However, we recommend visiting the poker room at the Trump Taj Mahal. This room has more than 80 tables where you can play different varieties of poker, Hold’em included. If you are envisioning to play Poker in Bahamas or Nassau then that could be a great and fun decision and even better than playing Poker online in PokerStars or other gambling or related websites.

Scuba diving in Nassau, Bahamas

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Of the more than 700 islands that form the archipelago of the Bahamas, where one of the best diving is New Providence Island, the island where Nassau is.

On the other side of New Providence, far from the crush of tourists who are in Nassau, we find deserted beaches where only divers go  becausethese waters are one of the best places to practice this sport of the world.

Nassau’s waters are a mixture between the Atlantic Ocean adventure and tranquility of the Caribbean. Here you can find from small goldfish to large sharks. There are also numerous caves for most explorers and most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

New Providence scuba diving

Finally, some diving courses offer the opportunity to visit the ancient shipwrecks. Bahamas is definitely a good destination for scuba diving fans. This is a great destination for scuba diving fans to enjoy Bahamas scuba activities. You can learn more about Scuba diving requirements in Bahamas by visiting the official Bahamas webpage.

Restaurants in Nassau

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The Bahamas is a major tourist attraction, so the restaurants in Nassau offer food of all types, from simple dishes native to full international menu.

If you are looking for local specialties in Nassau, seats on Arawak Cay will offer outdoor dining including fried fish and conch salad. On the other hand, you can buy food at the port positions Potter’s Cay, where they prepare dishes in front of you smoked conch or conch salad.

For a more relaxed meal you can also find European-style restaurants. Among them the Brussels Bistro, ideal for families with children, where they prepare performances to entertain guests in the evenings and nights

However, for those who prefer to opt for less exotic and familiar foods in Nassau you can find the most popular fast food companies. The next time you visit Nassau in Bahamas don’t forget to enjoy specialities in a good restaurant.

Opening a Bank account in Bahamas

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The advantages of opening a bank account in the Bahamas are many. On the one hand, the interest rate is much greater there than in the countries of America or Europe, so your money will grow much faster. On the other hand, your money will be safer there, where the government of your country will not have access if something happens.

To open a bank account in the Bahamas you need to get a letter from your current bank. However, this option is not recommended because in your country know that you have the bank account and act accordingly, charging you additional taxes most of the time.

The best way to get an anonymous bank account in the Bahamas is opening it personally. If you do not have the ability to make a quick trip, there are also companies that make these transactions for you, anonymously.

Shopping in Nassau Bahamas

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Nassau is one of the most important islands of the Bahamas, where you can find its shopping center. The weather on this island is mild, ranging between 20 degrees Celsius in winter and 33 in summer. Also, the temperature never drops below 10 degrees Celsius.If in adittion to enjoy your vacation at the beach you want to find a place to go shopping, Nassau is the site you are looking for. You will find everything from resorts and restaurants for all tastes, casinos, Dutyfree shops, souvenir shops, clothing stores … you will not miss anything.

On the other hand, Nassau Bahamas is a paradise where you can make all kinds of activities: diving, fishing, swimming with dolphins … If you stay at an all inclusive hotel, ask for organized activities included in the price.

Enjoy the Paradise Island Bahamas

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Bahamas is a great destination for those looking to enjoy the paradise island of Bahamas in a vacation trip or business trip. This is a great experience that you won’t regret at all.

The paradise island of Bahamas is the destination chosen by lot of tourists wanted to spend great vacation time in the Bahamas beaches, which are wonderful and will make you feel like you are in the paradise. You can enjoy the Paradise Island of Bahamas by taking a flight or a cruise. In the Bahamas you may find not only beautiful beaches to enjoy and relax but also entertainment options as well as great luxury accommodations in Bahamas and Casinos.

Cococay in your trips to Bahamas

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Coco Cay in Bahamas is a little island and local may not able to reside in. Royal Caribbean has leased the island offering an exclusive getaway for cruise passengers and a valuable income for the local government in Bahamas who have been leasing this island for long. Royal Caribbean has transformed the once dead land into a mini paradise island. The island is a must visit stop point for those who are planning trips to Bahamas.

Land is reached by tender (an accessible small ship to transfer you to the shore when waters are shallow). This allows for an impressive and truly unique perspective of the cruise ship.

CocoCay is located around 55 miles from Nassau (in the Bahamas), encompassing 140 acres of Bahamian land. It is only occupied by Cruise guests from the ship and staff, creating both a relaxing and safe environment.

We are lucky to visit this private island as a port of call. The island has recently undergone a huge renovation providing an improved guest experience including an Aqua Park, Jet Ski and Scuba diving. Also the island offer other opportunities to parasail, kayak or snorkel out to sea to explore both an antique ship and a plane wreck.

The real luxury is having the freedom to make the day as relaxing or as active as you want it to be, and you can see this in lot of pictures of the Bahamas. Whatever you choose to do, a day in paradise can work up your appetite, so a big buffet style barbecue is presented by the ship on the beach. To wash away the salt water a must is to sample a Coco Loco drink one of the islands signature cocktails that you may try during you stay.

Paradise Islands in Bahamas

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When choosing a Caribbean cruise from Port Canaveral or nearby you have the opportunity to visit some islands you never even knew existed. Labadee, Princess Cays and CocoCay are all examples of these paradise islands and they all have one thing in common, the islands are used exclusively by the cruise lines who own them since are private islands. Said that, forget busy ports, hassling street vendors and uncertain territory, and arrive in style at your own private island instead.

Labadee, Princess Cays and Cococay

Islands like Labadee, Princess Cays and Cococay are far too small for locals to reside in, and therefore have been leased out to the cruise companies, in order to provide an exclusive getaway for cruise passengers and a valuable income for the local governments. The cruise lines have transformed the once dead land into mini paradise islands. These islands feature regularly on many Caribbean itineraries that have Bahamas as main destination. Often reached by tender only, the islands lie uninhabited out in the middle of the ocean, waiting to indulge the lucky passengers who step ashore.

If you are lucky enough to visit a private island as a port of call, the real luxury is having the freedom to make the day as relaxing or as active as you want it to be. Whether floating out across the bluey–green coral reefs takes your fancy, or even parasailing, it’s all on offer. Whatever you choose, a day in paradise can be surprisingly tiresome, so a big buffet style beach barbecue usually comes as standard.

Royal Caribbean comes out top in the owners stake with access to two of its very own islands, Labadee and CocoCay. They are also pretty much the only cruise company to have ownership of an island outside of the Bahamas. Of all the islands, Labadee is one of the online pokies australia most popular compared with Cococay. Labadee is situated on the north coast of Hispaniola near Haiti. Labadee is part of a larger, inhabited island occupied by Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Labadee boasts 260 acres of beautiful beaches, exotic foliage and coral reefs bordered by contrasting mountain slopes and it is ideal for honeymoon and all inclusive packages.

Land is reached by tender (an accessible small ship to transfer you to the shore when waters are shallow) which allows for an impressive and truly unique perspective of the cruise ship. Once ashore, Royal Caribbean have provided an abundance of activities and tours, including, kayaking, parasailing and jet ski hire, allowing guests to take a tour down the coast of the island – or, for the less adventurous, floating beach mats (great for both sunbathing, and floating out to sea on!), snorkeling around the tropical reefs and shopping for beautiful handmade local goods. Kids will be a million miles from boredom with an Aqua Park, featuring trampolines and inflatable slides.

CocoCay is Royal Caribbean’ second offering, a small, isolated and secluded island situated around 55 miles from Nassau, encompassing 140 acres of Bahamian land. Again reached by tender, the island has recently undergone a huge renovation providing an improved guest experience. The only people occupying it will be guests from the ship and staff, this creating both a relaxing and safe environment.

CocoCay features much of the same activities as its sister island, including the Aqua Park, jet skis, skuba diving and opportunities to parasail and kayak. In addition, guests can do snorkel out to sea to explore both an antique ship and plane wreck, which is not to be missed. To wash away the salt water a must is to sample either a “Coco Loco” or “Labaduzee” one of the islands signature cocktails.

Destination Cococay

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CocoCay is a wonderful island on Bahamas and you can enjoy it in one magnificent package. There are water sports of every kind, ships filled with native crafts and an authentic steel band. Also you can explore a mysterious underwater shipwreck and this ship comes complete with professional instructors to help novices get their feet wet and to guide experts to the best spots from which to enjoy the colorful kaleidoscope of fish below.

The currency at Cococay is the Bahamian dollar (BSD) as its official unit of currency. U.S. dollars as well as traveler’s checks and credit cards are widely accepted in Bahamas.


Once you visit CocoCay don’t miss the opportunity to take an exhilarating ride in the skies on a parasailing adventure.

Soar 400 feet above the island and take in the spectacular scenery and you’ll get a bird’s-eye view of CocoCay as well as the surrounding islands.

Activities at Cococay

  • Take an adventure down the coast of CocoCay aboard a wave runner, our most popular activity. Fly past Great Stirrup Cay Lighthouse, Slaughter Harbor and Starfish Alley.
  • Spend the day relaxing in a hammock on the beach and enjoy our island-style seaside barbecue.
  • Enjoy Caylanas Aqua Park, a fun-filled floating playground.

Private Jet and Charter Services to Bahamas

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Nowadays is possible to visit Bahamas using charter services or private jets. Of course these options are more expensive than taking a cruise or a flight in tourist or business classes. But if you can afford to pay more for private jets then you can enjoy of a very comfortable way to land in Bahamas.

There aren’t airports in CocoCay island, but there are however transfers available from the nearest international airport in Nassau, Bahamas (Lynden Pindling Internatinal Airport). If you are looking a private jet and charter services to bahamas or if you want your jet service listed in this page, please contact us.

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