Parasailing in Cococay, Bahamas

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Parasailing is one of the most enjoyable experiences and now you can come to fly the skies of CocoCay. Cococay’s Parasailing tour gives you the opportunity to take you up 400 feet above CocoCay for a breathtaking and memorable flight. You can enjoy panoramic scenery of the crystal blue water below and the surrounding islands from a birds eye view. Parasailing in Cococay is possible but you should be aware that minimum age 12 years is required and guests between the ages of 12-15 must fly with parent or guardian.

You can see an example here:

How to get Cococay Bahamas Excursions

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Visiting Cococay is one of the most attracting destinations for anyone who take a cruise to Bahamas. Cococay Bahamas Excursions can be found on Internet at Cococay if you are planning to visit Cococay and Bahamas. There are many options, and depending on the season when you plan free online aussie pokies to travel you can find better or worst deals. For example, it is common that people enjoy a New Year cruise to Cococay and Bahamas, but other people prefer to take Honeymoon or wedding events in a cruise trip. Other people also enjoy relaxing at Cococay.

Nassau Bahamas Pictures

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When searching for pictures of Nassau Bahamas, there are multiple resources that you can browse. However, there is a single feature that you will see in common between different pictures or images of Bahamas. All these pictures from Bahamas and Nassau may share the same color set with beautiful beaches, palms and sand. The transparent water and sunny day with light blue color in the sky will make these pictures really attractive. Let’s see here an example of pictures and photos of Bahamas and Nassau.

Slice of Paradise in Cococay

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Cococay and Bahamas are like a slice of Paradise. Almost ideal climate and weather with crystal clear turquoise water and no politicians around, no traffic lights, no cars, no worries, no phones and a few rules. Everything prepared for your next trip to Paradise or if you are looking to visit the Paradise. In Cococay you’ll find a slice of Paradise ready awaiting for you. If you are planning a cruise to Paradise beaches then this is the opportunity to enjoy a cruise to Cococay. CocoCay is Royal Caribbean Cruise Line’s private island in the Bahamas.

Monarch of the Seas

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Monarch of the Seas is one of the cruiseship of Royal Caribbean International that is used to ship from Port Canaveral to Bahamas and nearby. The ship arrives to Cococay and Bahamas port and it has been reviewed as one of the most comfortables cruise ships. It is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean International.

At 73,941 gross tons, Monarch was one of the largest cruise ships in the world at time of her completion. She can carry up to 2,744 passengers. Despite the ship has some incidents in the past, it is one of the most secured ships to get a cruise to Bahamas and around.

Cruise for Cancer

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The American Cancer Society is introducing the first annual cruise for cancer program that have Bahamas as destination, enjoying Cococay island during the trip.

Cruise for CancerYou are invited to join for this charity cruise (October 22 – October 25, 2010) aboard Royal Caribbean’s Monarch of the Seas and enjoy 3 nights cruise. For each cabin booked on this sailing, a donation will be made to the Relay for Life team of your choice.
The schedule at Monarch of the Seas includes shows, signature rock-climbing wall, hotspots like Casino Royale, Boleros Latin Lounge and dining options from specialty Asian-fusion cuisine at Jade to a make-your-own pizzeria. Also you can relax and focus on yourself with the day spa, fitness center, pools and whirlpools. Kids will love the time they spend onboard with our Adventure Ocean Program and teen-only venues like Fuel. There are also plenty of ways to enhance your time off the ship with Shore & Land Excursions like scuba diving, shipwreck snorkeling and swimming with the dolphins.

Cruise Day 2: Destination Cococay

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When traveling from Miami to Bahamas, usually cruisetours port second day at Cococay port to enjoy the island. Here is a story about the second day of a cruise line trip to Bahamas stopping at Cococay.

Day two began a little after 8:30am, because the girls in the room next store, some beat up 40 somethings decided to make noise. After taking quick showers in our airline size bathroom, we threw some clothes on and went up to Deck 11, to the Windjammer Cafe for Breakfast. Walking up the eleven decks, instead of taking the elevator, emerging toward the stairs we found the line for the tender to CoCo Cay winding up the stairs, and it was only 9am.

Here we can see that the passengers woke up very earlier in the morning to enjoy the island. After taking breakfast at Majesty of Seas. Usually the cruise dock in the port earlier in the morning, around 6am. That time is really amazing to take a look over the cruise and see the sun appearing on the horizon.

For breakfast they had the usual banks of food, omlets make to order, bacon, scrambled eggs, french toast, fruit, coffee, juice you know the works. I tried a little French Toast which was not to bad, and Tiffany did the usual healthy foods, or scambled eggs and fruit, and oh a yogurt. We decided to sit port side of the ship, giving us an unobstructed view of CoCo Cay in the morning sun. After grabbing two towels from the pool, we went back to our 114ft stateroom and changed into our bikini and shorts, grabbed a bag and went off to catch the tender. Some of the best views of the ship, Majesty came from the ride on the tender to CoCo Cay. Our tender Coco Cutter II had two desk both open air, giving beautiful views of the island and the ship.

This is maybe the most nervous part. When traveling from the cruiseship to the island in the Coco Cutter and you are wondering how CocoCay island will look once you arrive there.

Arriving on CoCo Cay was a treat for both of us, since it was Tiffany’s first time on foreign soil. The caption of the photo was “Tiffany takes the Bahamas”., and food prep places. We decided to play it low key, we rented two water mats, dropped our stuff on some beach chairs and ran for the water since the sun was already boiling hot (just like back home). The water was crystal clear, with little schools of fish swimming around. The beach was not what either of us expected, a little rocky, nothing like the soft sand of Florida. Once in the water you could float on the mats aimlessly, looking at the fish, and coral reefs which were close by. We laid in the water for maybe an hour, then went back to the sun.

This is really true, the small village selling Bahamian souvenirs or goods. And it’s also true that the water is crystal clear. This is really good for couples that are planning a wedding on a private island, maybe to take photos or honeymoon.

While Tiffany laid on a chair, I wondered off and found a hammock which I climbed into and watched the birds for 1/2 hour on the other side other island. After going back in the water for a little while we took a walk along the beach to the north. The beach got longer and smoothers, you could see the sand bars, where Royal Caribbean set up the water slides, and in land was the basketball court. This end of the beach was much quieter and more tranquil, very peaceful. When we returned it was time for lunch.

Lunch was barbacue style, ribs, hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, corn on the cob and juice. Dotting around the eating area were chickens, which was a little odd and a little scary, you could never tell when it might attack for some of its dead brother.

After lunch we went back to the water, laying on rafts we had a pleasent conversation with two couples, one from Detroit and another a couple of state troopers from Ohio. Sometime after 2pm, we decided to take a short walk over to the straw village. Inside the village we found lots of cheap clothes, toys for kids, and gifts for the kids. For GiGi we sent back a necklace, and a hand carved mask, some instruments for Alexander and Loki, and we could for ourselves a piece of wood. A carving of two people, on which the gentlemen then carved our names into it

Each story is different, so next time you visit the island, we’ll be glad to hear your story, too.

Cocoloco at Cococay

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Cocoloco is the drink at Cococay.

If you want to enjoy the Cocoloco at your home or office, here is the cocoloco recipe.

Coco Loco recipe:

1 oz dark rum
1 oz light rum
1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz creme de bananes
1/2 oz pineapple juice
1/2 oz coconut cream
1/2 oz sugar syrup

Majesty of the Seas leaving Miami

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This is a nice picture from with the sunset before having a great experience on cruise.

Things to do in CocoCay

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If you are looking for things to do in CocoCay then you can check our Attractions page. “CocoCay” is a small island but it has lot of attractions that you can enjoy with your kids, love or family. For example, check out the Diva. You don’t need to buy anything or take excursions if you don’t want, but you can take a great interest in what to do in this island if you plan to visit us again in the future.

You can check the prices ahead of time on all the excursions at Coco Cay. Things you can do in Cococay includes: water slide, floating water park, raft, kayak, The “Floating Beach Mat”, etc.

Depending on what youâ??re into the two things seemingly would be a lot of fun are Parasailing and the Wave Runner excursion or deciding what you can do at Cococay. Floating Water Park is another attraction you will enjoy. You will enjoy the Wave Runner excursion.

Are you interested in T-Shirts or Mug or any other souvenir of Cococay? Send us a message or visit Cococay about page.

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