Playing Poker in Atlantis City, Nassau

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In recent years, poker has spread rapidly and today there are many tourists who like to play some games when they travel.

If you are looking for places to play poker in Nassau you are lucky, because in this city you will find many casinos where you can find players. However, although most varieties you can play poker and Pai Gow Poker, only in some rooms you can play most popular varieties like Texas Hold’em.

Most all inclusive resorts have a small casino without having to search through the city. However, we recommend visiting the poker room at the Trump Taj Mahal. This room has more than 80 tables where you can play different varieties of poker, Hold’em included. If you are envisioning to play Poker in Bahamas or Nassau then that could be a great and fun decision and even better than playing Poker online in PokerStars or other gambling or related websites.

TripAdvisor recommendations for Bahamas

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TripAdvisor is a website where users write their opinions about travel. Thus, you can find reviews for places distributed throughout the world and plan your perfect trip, as the opinions of others will always be more reliablethan advertisements of travel agencies.

TripAdvisor recommendations for BahamasIf you are thinking of it is better be clear what you want before booking your trip.

We recommend you to opt for an all inclusive package to travel to the Bahamas. Thus, you will not have to worry about the price of meals, drinks and activities, as everything you’ve paid in advance. This is a great resource on the Internet if you want to get travel recommendations including Hotel reviews and destinations.

Scuba diving in Nassau, Bahamas

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Of the more than 700 islands that form the archipelago of the Bahamas, where one of the best diving is New Providence Island, the island where Nassau is.

On the other side of New Providence, far from the crush of tourists who are in Nassau, we find deserted beaches where only divers go  becausethese waters are one of the best places to practice this sport of the world.

Nassau’s waters are a mixture between the Atlantic Ocean adventure and tranquility of the Caribbean. Here you can find from small goldfish to large sharks. There are also numerous caves for most explorers and most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

New Providence scuba diving

Finally, some diving courses offer the opportunity to visit the ancient shipwrecks. Bahamas is definitely a good destination for scuba diving fans. This is a great destination for scuba diving fans to enjoy Bahamas scuba activities. You can learn more about Scuba diving requirements in Bahamas by visiting the official Bahamas webpage.

Restaurants in Nassau

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The Bahamas is a major tourist attraction, so the restaurants in Nassau offer food of all types, from simple dishes native to full international menu.

If you are looking for local specialties in Nassau, seats on Arawak Cay will offer outdoor dining including fried fish and conch salad. On the other hand, you can buy food at the port positions Potter’s Cay, where they prepare dishes in front of you smoked conch or conch salad.

For a more relaxed meal you can also find European-style restaurants. Among them the Brussels Bistro, ideal for families with children, where they prepare performances to entertain guests in the evenings and nights

However, for those who prefer to opt for less exotic and familiar foods in Nassau you can find the most popular fast food companies. The next time you visit Nassau in Bahamas don’t forget to enjoy specialities in a good restaurant.

Things to do in Nassau

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The Bahamas is a common tourist destination, so you’ll find here all kinds of activities prepared for tourists. Of course in the capital, Nassau, is where you will have more options to choose from. One of the things you can do in Nassau is playing golf. Hundreds of golf fans visit Nassau each year to test its three championship courses.
nassau bahamas
If you love the sea you will also find things to do in Nassau. The island has miles and miles of beautiful beaches where you can relax. You can HGH also surf or dive into them to see the magnificent coral reefsthat that is found only here.
For the more adventurous, many companies offer the possibility to rent a rowboat or a sailboat and sai lamong deserted islets there are close Nassau. The entire family can explore the sea in this way and make the perfect picnic on a deserted island.
Things to do in Nassau
Finally, if you visit Nassau can not fail to visit the neighboring island of Paradise Island. Only a bridge separates the island of Nassau where you’ll find the best casinos that give $ 35,000 per hour to the players.

Offshore banking account in Nassau

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An offshore bank account is a bank account in a country where taxation is nil or negligible. The purpose of opening an offshore account is usually to avoid paying taxes. To achieve this goal, it is advisable to use the full real name, because otherwise the government of your country would know the existence of the account and charge you taxes.

Most of the countries where you can create an offshore account are in the Caribbean, but also be in Austria, Switzerland and some other countries (countries that are known by the name of tax havens).

There are companies that are dedicated to helping other companies to open an offshore Bank account or even if you want to open a Bank account in Bahamas. Simply choose the bank where you want to open the bank account and the service provider will handle everything else. It is also possible to travel to Nassau, or any of the other countries to open the account personally. Once it is created, you can manage easily through internet or phone.

Opening a Bank account in Bahamas

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The advantages of opening a bank account in the Bahamas are many. On the one hand, the interest rate is much greater there than in the countries of America or Europe, so your money will grow much faster. On the other hand, your money will be safer there, where the government of your country will not have access if something happens.

To open a bank account in the Bahamas you need to get a letter from your current bank. However, this option is not recommended because in your country know that you have the bank account and act accordingly, charging you additional taxes most of the time.

The best way to get an anonymous bank account in the Bahamas is opening it personally. If you do not have the ability to make a quick trip, there are also companies that make these transactions for you, anonymously.

Shopping in Nassau Bahamas

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Nassau is one of the most important islands of the Bahamas, where you can find its shopping center. The weather on this island is mild, ranging between 20 degrees Celsius in winter and 33 in summer. Also, the temperature never drops below 10 degrees Celsius.If in adittion to enjoy your vacation at the beach you want to find a place to go shopping, Nassau is the site you are looking for. You will find everything from resorts and restaurants for all tastes, casinos, Dutyfree shops, souvenir shops, clothing stores … you will not miss anything.

On the other hand, Nassau Bahamas is a paradise where you can make all kinds of activities: diving, fishing, swimming with dolphins … If you stay at an all inclusive hotel, ask for organized activities included in the price.

Cococay excursion

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Cococay is a little island in Bahamas, and it doesn’t have airports nor hotels to stay (yet), so if you are planning to take Cococay excursion then the ideal solution for this is to take a cruise from port canaveral or Bahamas that arrives at Cococay. Usually Cococay excursions are planned for a single day, since there are no hotel accommodations at Cococay.

Coco Cay Royal Caribbean’s Private Island

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As you may know, Coco Cay is the Royal Caribbean’s Private Island near Nassau and in Bahamas area that you can visit when you take a cruise from Port Canaveral or Bahamas. Major cruiselines in Bahamas have partnership with RCI to visit Cococay in the middle of your trip, so you can enjoy of a great cruiseline trip visiting Cococay and Nassau.

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