About CocoCay

CocoCay Bahamas is a little island located in Bahamas’ Berry Islands chain.

This island is property of Royal Caribbean and usually is used as playground for cruise guests. Royal Caribbean invested more than $20M renewing CocoCay and now you can enjoy from new snorkeling and scuba-driving facilities to restaurants, bars and local shops.

Royal Caribbean International purchased this island to the Bahamas government, previously named Little Stirrup Cay and renamed it to CocoCay. RCI built a secluded island paradise for its cruise passengers to enjoy the island attractions. The construction was completed with strict environmental regulations accordingly to Bahamas codes.

Where is Cococay?

CocoCay is located on the northern end of Berry Islands chain near Great Harbour Cay. It has 140 acres offering beautiful, white sandy beaches with hundreds of lounge chairs. There are a lot of hammocks that are scattered among the entire island. Moreover, since this is a cruise ship destination there are bars as well as waiters walking among the chairs taking your drink orders.

How to visit Cococay?

To visit Cococay, it’s recommended to take any of the cruise excursions that have the island as destination. Usually cruise excursions with Bahamas as destination takes one day to visit Cococay during the trip. You can get cruises from Port Canaveral including Carnival cruises, Disney and Royal Caribbean. To get a complete list of cruises please refer to the Cruises Deals section where you can find lot of great deals to get cruises to Cococay and Bahamas.

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